SWF/ Valeo Rocker Switches

The highest standards of handling, service life and performance

Valeo /SWF rocker switches are exceptionally robust and suitable for applications in commercial vehicles ranging from buses to construction vehicles, as well as for industrial applications.

Valeo rocker switches meet the highest requirements to handling, service life and performance. The backlight can either be realized using conventional incandescent bulbs or LEDs. Whether it is 511, 512, 521, 524 or 533 series, all of them have proven reliable millions of times over, are easy to install, extremely robust and technically up to date. The switches are complemented by symbol inserts as well as different housings and frames to accommodate the switches in the cockpit of the vehicle or in the control panel of the industrial application. We also gladly manufacture individual inserts for your very special applications.


The 533 series is the evolution of the 511 series optimized for use in buses, trucks and other vehicles, where the visual and haptic appearance is important besides functionality. Consistently equipped with dual LEDs, the 533 switches adapt perfectly to the design of modern cockpits. The 533 series can also be ordered in 12V as well as in 24V version and with a variety of circuit diagrams and switching mechanisms.

The 511 series, with its derivatives 512, 521 and 524, is optimized for use in rugged environments like construction vehicles, military vehicles and industrial applications. The switches are available with both LED and conventional light bulbs. All variations are available in 12V and 24V versions. The 511 series with its derivatives have IP65 degree of protection, i.e. resistant to water and dust.