Steering column switches for all types of commercial vehicles

Reliability in any driving situation

The functional variety of the Valeo / SWF steering column switches for commercial vehicles enables to control essential vehicle functions in a particularly ergonomic form. Steering column switches by Valeo / SWF are very popular due to modular unit flexibility and advanced robustness. Almost all leading vehicle manufacturers rely on the Valeo / SWF equipment in the driver’s cockpit.

Steering column switches by SWF (Valeo) are the key control unit for each vehicle’s basic functions. Indicators, horn, wipers, turn indicators, gear shift, cruise control, retarder brake and light are operated with the switches on the steering column. Since these functions are essential to the vehicle’s driving performance, the switches must be both ergonomic and reliable. Generations of SWF (Valeo) switches have proven reliable millions of times over and are the industry standard for commercial vehicles.

A detailed manual for the installation of select steering column switches can be found here:

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A CoC report for select steering column switches can be found here:

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Steering column switches can be offered for the following types of vehicles: