Maximum safety and best visibility in all weather conditions owing to the revolutionary AquaBlade system.

AquaBlade® technology by Valeo in the slim design for passenger cars is for the first time also applicable for commercial vehicles.

The AquaBlade system consists of a wiper blade with channels that distribute the washing liquid over the entire length of the wiper blade and spray it directly onto the windshield.
Since there are no nozzles, the driver’s view is no longer hindered by cleaning fluids sprayed over a large area of the windshield. The cleaning quality is maintained at all vehicle and wind speeds and is far superior to conventional systems.
AquaBlade®, a PACE Award winning technology, is so precise that the amount of liquid used halves and the system’s average weight and CO₂ emissions are reduced.

Weight comparison using the example of a butterfly system:

klassisches Butterfly-System Wald Antriebe Lightweight/ Aquablade®
Rods, cranks, shafts 4,8 KG 3,0 KG
Wiper arms 3,3 KG 1,2 KG
Wiper blades 1,4 KG 0,3 KG
Wiper motor 6,2 KG 1,7 KG
Washer tank 21,0 KG 11,0 KG
TOTAL 36,7 KG 17,2 KG
Weight reduction

The AquaBlade® technology is available for these vehicles: