If you need our standard products adapted to your specific needs, we will find a way! Our team of experienced mechanics can customize off-the shelf products to fit your requirements. Customization ist not enough? We can design and build wiper systems from the ground up to make it perfect just for you.


Wiper Motors:

  • Changing of nominal voltage
  • Replacing and modifying the spindle
  • Manufacturing of floating ground and non-static motors

Wiper Systems:

  • Changing of nominal voltage
  • Changing and modification of the shaft
  • Changing of parking gear
  • Design and Construction of individual wiper systems

NIDEC Industrial Motors:

  • Individual modifications (shaft, mount, electrical configuration)
  • Complete individual solutions

Steering Column Switches:

  • Changing the cable length


Wiper Arms:

  • Individual creation and adaption of the linear dimension

Wiper Bearing:

  • Cutting or extending the particular lever
  • Adaption of the radius according to customer needs
  • Individual design of stems or cylinders

Joint Rods:

  • Individual design of the linear dimension


  • Manufacturing of cylinder or ball pins

Clamping and screwing levers

  • Customization of the radius according to individual needs


For technical support please contact:

Gerold Kutzner

  • Phone: +49 (0) 5161/48632-60
  • E-Mail

Maik Reithmeier-Sauer

  • Phone: +49 (0) 5161/48632-55
  • E-Mail